24-Carrot Money Lei

We had a 24-Carrot Magic themed party for our little sister’s 24th birthday. We were gonna get a carrot cake, but she mentioned craving cheesecake, so it became a Cheesy 24-Carrot party. [...]

Time Zone Clocks

My sibs and I put up a series of 3 clocks at my parents’ house, each representing a time zone where family members live: 1. USA Pacific Time 2. Vietnam 3. Australia It was easy and [...]

Easy Money Graduation Lei

My work BFF invited me to her daughter’s high school graduation next week. I can’t make it, but I’ll be sending the graduate a little gift – an Easy Money Graduation Lei. It’s [...]

Sweet Potato Dog Chews

This is a super easy and healthy chew treat for dogs.  My boys absolutely love it!  All you need are sweet potatoes or yams (I used 3), parchment paper, and a baking sheet. Cut the sweet potatoes [...]

Minion Party Favors

Last year, we did a Frozen themed birthday party for my nieces’ birthday.  I was in charge of putting together the party favors and the Olaf piñata.  Everything turned out great. This year, [...]

DIY Tile Photo Coasters

My Dad had boxes of extra tiles at his house that he was going to toss. Naturally, I hoarded them. I figured I can use them for art projects; seemed so wasteful to just trash them! Well, [...]

Photo Booth Props

This DIY project is an oldie but goodie.  I made my first set of photo props for the fabulous Ly wedding held at The W Hotel in San Francisco.  The lovebirds rented a photo booth, so I decided to [...]

How To Restring A Hoodie

I was doing some laundry today, and the string on one of my sweatshirts fell out of its hood.  I immediately grabbed a safety pin out of my craft box to fix it.  Then, I thought to myself, hey, I [...]

Wood Photo Magnets

My husband has been doing lots of construction and remodeling at his office.  He’s building custom wood plank cubicles and creating a lounge/eating area, which includes a built-in wood [...]

4th of July Nails

Happy 4th of July, and here’s another set of patriotic nails for you!  Similar to my Memorial Day nails, I am using the colors of our grand old flag. I failed at my first attempt of doing [...]

DIY Dog Grooming

Yippee!  I am officially off for summer break! I’m so excited; I don’t even know what to do with myself!  Last night, I got to shut my 6AM alarm off.  Just knowing that I don’t [...]

Memorial Day Nails

Memorial Day – a day to remember our nation’s fallen heroes who served to protect our country and our freedom.  We should salute, honor and THANK them everyday for their sacrifice. To [...]

Mother’s Day Nails

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!  I hope your day is filled with as much love and joy as you deserve.  And to the one that I love and cherish most of all, I miss [...]

DIY Dog Sweater

The other day, I tried to put on one of my favorite hoodies, and the zipper broke!  Just because I’ve been stuffing my face and putting on a few extra pounds, doesn’t mean the zipper [...]

Homemade Dog Toy

My dog, Boy, turned 13 years old today.  That means he’s 91 in dog years!  Happy birthday, Boy!  Yes, that’s really his name. Even though he’s old and can’t see or hear as [...]

Earth Day River Rocks

Happy Earth Day!  Hug a tree.  I know I will! To celebrate Mother Nature and all her beauty, I decided to paint some river rocks to place along the neighborhood trail for walkers to discover.  I [...]

Burlap Birthday Banner

A coworker-friend of mine is currently planning her daughter’s first birthday party.  The theme is going to be vintage Cinderella.  How cute is that?! I love everything vintage, and since I [...]

Easter Nails

Easter is this Sunday!  What are your plans for the day?  My Dad invited me to attend church with him Sunday morning, followed by a feast and Easter egg hunt at his house for my twin nieces and [...]