Mini Orange Pulpsicles

I was making fresh squeezed orange juice yesterday and had a lot of extra pulp.  Normally, I would just eat it, but I was too full from lunch, so I decided to bust out these mini popsicle molds I [...]

Easy Spinach Dip

This is the easiest and fastest way you can make an awesome spinach dip.  It really only requires three must-have ingredients: sour cream, onion soup mix, and frozen spinach.  If you’re in [...]

Mango Salsa

Mango salsa is so refreshing, especially on a summer day.   Its sweet and zesty flavor combination is so good. My husband makes a very simple mango salsa, and it’s delicious!  He only uses [...]

Banana Madeleines

My husband loves banana nut bread.  He also loves Madeleines.  He used to buy all the Madeleine packets at Starbucks until they changed the recipe/shape.  They now sell the shorter shell-shaped [...]

Pico De Gallo Made Simple

I love me some Pico de Gallo, especially during the summer.  It tastes so fresh, and it’s really easy to make.  One of my favorite things to eat it with is grilled oysters.  Mmm, grilled [...]

Lazy Back Ribs

Singing: I want my lazy back, lazy back, lazy back. I want my lazy back, lazy back, lazy back. Lazy, lazy back ribs.  Duo’s lazy back ribs. If you’re reading this, I hope you tried to [...]

Oven Baked Dry Rub BBQ Ribs

Summer is coming!  My least favorite of seasons.  Not for Trinh though.  She loves summer.  That lucky pig gets to roast in the sun all day because she’s off.  One of the major perks of [...]

Healthy Banana Nut Bread

My husband loves when I make banana nut bread, and I love that he loves it!  My Dad loves it too.  And the great thing about this recipe is that IT’S SO HEALTHY!  NO TABLE SUGAR.  I use [...]

Sweet Sesame Beef

My good friend Hope gave me this recipe. She always says she doesn’t think much of her culinary skills, but I think she did a great job with this one. For years, she’s shown me things [...]

Steel’s Maple Banana Human Treats

My Saturday night plan involved staying up late, mixing myself a drink, then settling in on the couch to clear out this week’s shows off my DVR. None of that happened. All day, I had been feeding [...]

A Taste of Can Tho: Sesame Soy Chicken

My Mom didn’t make baked chicken (gà nướng) often, but when she did, boy, was it good!  Her favorite cut of chicken was always the wing, and I can’t argue with that!  The smallest cut [...]

Bacon Avocado Deviled Eggs

One week until St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re thinking about making something delicious and green to eat, you should make green eggs and ham! Well, these are boiled eggs and fried [...]

Baked Donuts

My favorite donuts are Boston creams. That’s the chocolate covered one that’s filled with vanilla custard. Eating a deep-fried donut isn’t unhealthy enough for me, my favorite [...]

A Taste of Can Tho: Caramelized Pork Spare Ribs

Caramelized pork spare ribs (thịt kho sườn) is by far my favorite Vietnamese dish, especially when my Mom made it!  I can eat it for days.  Love it, and love HER (miss you, Mommy). I was lucky [...]

Blueberry Biscotti

The How To Duo always says “Meats over sweets!” We prefer savory over sweet. Whenever I tell Trinh about a dessert I’m thinking of making, she always tries to convince me to [...]

Coconut Macaroon 5

Maroon 5’s song “Sugar” has been on the radio a lot lately and I’ve grown to love it. The music video is pretty cool too! It came on my Spotify playlist when I was making [...]

Apple Egg Salad

Today’s quick recipe is for Apple Egg Salad. I think it’s so good that people will be b-egging you for the recipe. And it’s over-easy to make! You think I’m yolking [...]

Shrimp Scampi With Lemon Orzo

For something that’s so flavorful and delicious, shrimp scampi sure is quick and easy to make!  If it weren’t for its bad reputation of being high in cholesterol, I’d eat shrimp [...]

Heart Pockets

Happy Friday the 13th! You’ve got really bad luck if you’ve only just now remembered that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Trinh finished her funny E-card for her husband, and since [...]

Mini Meatball Sliders

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and while everyone else is likely preparing for the big game, I’m here blogging about a dish you should serve at your party – mini meatball sliders! I [...]

Cake Mix Cookies

Did you know that you can make cookies from boxed cake mix? I didn’t! Why didn’t you tell me? It’s pretty neat because with all the different types of cake mix out there, you [...]

Grilled Shrimp Kabobs

My brother-in-law just turned 40.  He’s a total meat lover and is known to get his money’s worth at buffets, so when my sister decided to do a buffet-themed birthday party to [...]

We Heart Ramekins

Ramekins make everything cuter.  Ramekins are so fun.  Ramekins are for everybody.  Ramekins can be for your brother.  Ramekins can be for your sister.  But do you know who we think would like [...]

Apple Pie Apple

I love pie. Like, I really love it. And if you’re like me, you have no business buying an entire pie, topping it with vanilla ice cream, and eating it straight from the tin while you binge [...]

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

A lot can change in 13 years. When Trinh and I reunited, there were a handful of things that I noticed that were different: we can no longer party like we did when we were 22, Trinh’s voice [...]

Baked Hawaiian Sandwiches

The How To Duo loves nothing more than making tasty meals from random ingredients we’ve already got around the house. You probably already have most of these things in your refrigerator, so [...]

Spam Musubi Bites

Spam has always been a favorite of mine. It’s really easy to cook and can be eaten for any meal of the day. For breakfast, I fry it up and enjoy it with eggs. Or for lunch, I can simply add [...]