After a lot of trial and error with a million defective cord-cutting schemes (made me wanna punch all the disappointments in the world), my techie genius huz discovered the perfect combo of gadgets that actually works without cumbersome antennas and allows for live TV, yes LIVE TV, from any of your TV’s, using your cellie as a remote – all at the bargain price of about $60 (would’ve been $85, but Groupon had a deal on one of the items)!  After the electronics are hooked up, you only pay for the monthly streaming service(s). You’ll get standard instead of high def, but the savings is amazing! I’ve included links to purchase the equipment. That’s why this is the Best Cord Cutting Guide Ever. It’s a cost-cutting, time-cutting, frustration-cutting, cord-cutter’s dream! And although I wish I were being paid to write this blog by the product-makers, I’m not (boo). This is really just little old me, sharing what works in my hizouse.



  1. Roku 3500XB Streaming Stick (HDMI) (Certified Refurbished), purchase from:
  2. Cyelee HDMI To AV RCA Composite & S-video Video R/L Audio Converter Support 720P/1080P PAL/NTSC with RCA/S-video Cable for Xbox PS3 TV STB VHS VCR Camera Blue-Ray DVD, purchase from:
  3. AmerTac – Zenith VR1001RFMDS RF Modulator/Video Converter With S-Video Input, purchase from:
  4. Cable splitter(s) and coaxial cables: You probably already have these (they were likely put in your home by your current cable company). If not, you can easily find them online or at your local hardware store.



  1. The Roku’s connected to the Cyelee (via the HDMI input).
  2. The Cyelee’s connected to the RCA cables and/or the S-video cable (matchy match the shapes & colors).
  3. The cables are connected to the Zenith.
  4. Match the shapes & colors of the cables with the Zenith.




  1. The Zenith gets yet another cable, a coaxial cable to its coaxial cable input, labeled “TO TV.”
  2. This coaxial cable is then connected to the cable splitter, through the coaxial cable input, labeled “IN.”
  3. The cable splitter’s outputs, labeled “OUT,” are connected to more coaxial cables.
  4. The cable splitter’s “OUT” coaxial cables can go to multiple splitters & ultimately multiple TV’s. The sky’s the limit baby. Just make sure you orient the cable splitter(s) correctly (where the cable splitter’s “IN” input is always wired closest to the Zenith; otherwise, you’ll get a blurry picture).



POWER IT UP: Get the power cords in place!

cord cutting 3


REMOTE CONTROL: You can use the remote that comes with the Roku, or you can be cool and download the Roku remote app on your phone. Then enjoy!

cord cutting main



chart 5

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