My Mom was an amazing manicurist.  Heck, she was an amazing woman.   Because she did nails as a profession, I rarely ever wanted to go get my nails professionally done at a salon.  Part of it is because I’m too cheap, but the other part is because I saw how tired she’d get coming home from a 10-12 hour day.  This is also why I rarely ever asked her to do my nails.  I didn’t want to make her paint my nails after she’d been doing it all day already.  So since I was old enough to paint my nails, I’ve basically been doing it myself.

Earlier this week, I got my hands on a box full of my Mom’s nail supplies.  She had a bunch of polish, jewels, files, buffers, and tools.  While I was excited to have some new colors to play with, it made me really sad to go through her things.  Written on one of her small containers was “Tammy’s Clean Tools”.  Seeing her handwriting was difficult.  I miss her so much.

I think she’d be proud of this set of nails I did.  It’s the first time I’ve ever applied jewels to my own nails.  I hate to brag, but I did a pretty good job considering it was my first time!

To do your own jeweled set of nails, you’ll need a base coat, one or two polish colors (I used a lighter blue and a darker blue), a top coat, jewels, and a jewel picker (a toothpick should work too).  FYI, I’ve seen jewels at the Dollar Tree!

1) Apply a base coat, and two coats of color.  Use a different accent color on your ring nail if you want.Blue&Yellow Jeweled Nails

2)  Take a pair of tweezers to select the jewels/colors you want to use.  Then, place a small drop of clear polish onto a piece of paper.Jeweled Manicure

3)  Apply a small amount of clear polish onto your nail exactly where you’d like to place the jewel.  Then, dip the jewel picker into the drop of clear polish you placed on the paper earlier, and pick up the jewel with the stick.  The clear polish will act like a magnet between the stick and the jewel.DIY Jeweled Nails

4)  Place the jewel onto your nail and use the other end to the stick to press it down.  Repeat these steps (paint, dip, pick up, place) until you are done bedazzling your nails.DIY Jeweled Manicure

5)  Apply a clear coat over everything in the end to secure & shine.Jeweled Nails

Not too shabby for my first time blinging out my nails!  I think Mom would approve (she’d make me clean those side smudges though).  Blue & Yellow Jeweled Nails

I love you, Mommy!

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