Yippee!  I am officially off for summer break! I’m so excited; I don’t even know what to do with myself!  Last night, I got to shut my 6AM alarm off.  Just knowing that I don’t have to turn it back on for another two months made me wag my tail like Boy!  It’s such an amazing feeling!

And because I’m so happy, I decided to kick off my first day summer by giving Boy some much needed TLC.  While most people would take their dogs to a groomer, this cheapskate does it herself! I just use a pair of old hair clippers my brother gave me, attach a no.3 comb on it, and buzz away.

Oddly, the only time that Boy isn’t hyper is when he gets bathed.  I think it’s because he knows he’ll get a lot of attention afterwards.  If you have a small dog, consider saving some money by grooming it yourself!

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