Pesty horse flies (biting flies) come around a lot during the summer, and they sure do love chowing down on my dogs’ ears!  Poor Boy (my Jack Russell) had blood on his ears yesterday, and that made me bloody mad! So I mixed up my usual DIY fly repellent that I use on my fur babies every year, which is a very simple 50/50 mixture of water and apple cider vinegar.  It really helps keep them away!

There are other mixtures that call for certain oils, but I wanted a quick and easy solution using supplies that I already had, so I skipped the oil.  It works, but you do have to spray it daily.  Assuming mixtures with the oils would last longer, but I’m okay with spraying everyday.  It’s so inexpensive anyway (and that’s coming from Miss Cheapskate over  here)!  I spray it directly onto my dogs, and inside their dog houses/bedding too.


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