The twins (Phuong’s kiddos/my nieces and nephews) asked if I could make them some stuffed emojis.  They had seen somewhere recently and wanted to buy them, but Phuong said “That looks like something Di Tu (that’s what they call me in Vietnamese) could make, and she was right!

I already had the supplies (felt, needle, thread, stuffing and a glue gun), so all I needed to do was decide which emojis I wanted to create.  I ended up making the heart eyes emojis for the girls and the winking emojis for the boys.

These were made the exact same way as the DIY Angry Birds Beanbags I made them and the Letter Christmas Ornaments I made the Condors’ kids.   They were stuffed with fabric scraps/stuffing instead of beans, but the steps were otherwise the same.


Cut out a circle stencil on thick paper, and use it as an outline to cut your felt (cut two pieces to make a front and a back side for emoji).  In my case, 8 circles total.  DIY Emojis

Cut out the parts of each face, and glue them on.Handmade Felt Emoji Key ChainsDIY Felt Emojis

Before you start stitching, create a hoop with a string of yarn, and glue it towards the top of the head on the inner side of the felt (the side that will be stuffed). Handmade Felt Emojis

Sew the two pieces together along the outer edge and leave an opening to stuff it with scrap fabric or cotton stuffing.  Once you’re done stuffing it, close up the stitch.DIY Emoji Key Chains

Boom.  Done!DIY Felt Emoji Key ChainsFelt Emoji Key Chains

The kids were happy with it, and so was I!

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