A close friend of mine threw a Hello Kitty themed birthday party for her nine-year-old daughter yesterday.  I rarely ever attend kids’ parties because “I don’t want to.”  Ha! Luckily, my friend understands exactly how I feel about this (kids’ parties are for kids or people who have kids – not me), and she takes no offense to it.  In fact, we skip invitations altogether and laugh over my usual excuse, “I can’t go…because I don’t want to.”

About a week prior to the party, my friend mentioned that she still needed to work on photo props, decor, and favors.  Since I wasn’t planning to go, I wanted to at least help out with the photo props.  I remembered seeing real Hello Kitty wayfarer glasses somewhere before; they were cute, but they were $5 each!  Nope, not going to happen, not for photo props.

I ended up going to the Dollar Tree and purchased some eyeglasses and a pack of hair bows/barrettes.  I only spent $7, and VOILA! We’ve got ourselves 6 pairs of Hello Kitty wayfarer glasses.  Here’s how to do it.

1) Go to your local dollar store, and purchase eyeglasses & plastic hair bows/barrettes.

Since the barrettes came in a pack of six, I purchased 6 glasses to pair everything up equally.



2) Pop the lenses off of all the glasses.



3) Pull the backing off of the barrettes (these ones came off very easily).



4) Glue the barrette onto the top corner of the glasses using a hot glue gun (I chose the left side for no apparent reason, but it really doesn’t matter which side you choose – just be consistent).



That’s it!  Only $7 for six pairs of Hello Kitty wayfarer glasses!  No need to spend $5 each.  Here’s the end result.  Super easy and fun!

HelloKittyGlasses6 HelloKittyGlasses7 HelloKittyGlasses8



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