My dog, Boy, turned 13 years old today.  That means he’s 91 in dog years!  Happy birthday, Boy!  Yes, that’s really his name.

Even though he’s old and can’t see or hear as well as he used to, he still loves to play like a pup!   It’s the breed.  Jack Russell Terriers are known to have lots of energy, and boy, is Boy HYPER!

He loves playing fetch more than anything in the world.  He never stops.  So for his birthday, I made him a new fetch/chew toy out of sleeves I hoarded from t-shirts I cut into tank tops over the summer.

The cool thing about this project is that it’s fast, it doesn’t have to be perfect, and your dog will love it!  Here’s how to do it.

1)  Choose three colors of fabric, and cut them into 12 inch strips.  Group them into four sets of three.  Tie the tops together, and braid each one, leaving the ends untied (or tied loosely).

HomemadeDog Toy

2)  Undo the small knots you made for each braid, and tie all four of them together in one big knot.  Make sure you pull the fabric from both ends to get the knot tight as possible.  Then braid or twist the mini braids together however you want.  There’s really no right or wrong here.  Finish it off with another big knot, and you’re done!


Homemade Dog Toy

Look how much Boy enjoyed it!

DIY Dog Toy

Happy Birthday, Boy!  <3

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