The Duo met up today for a fun-filled craft day.  Steel brought over breakfast, and I picked up coffee.  After we stuffed our fat faces, we started brainstorming ideas for our craft day.  We knew that we wanted to paint some of the small scrap wood my husband gave me a few days ago, but we didn’t know exactly what we wanted to paint yet.

So I went ahead and turned on some 80’s music while we thought about it.  Steel ended up wanting to paint a collection of his favorite books, and I decided to do a triptych of Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

Look at us all eager and excited to start!

The How To Duo Craft Day

Once the music started playing, we were both so focused on our paintings.  Painting is very peaceful and calming; I love it, and Steel did too!  We didn’t even notice that we were at it for almost 3 hours!  What can I say, we like to take our time!

1)  To paint the Starry Night, begin by choosing 3 pieces of wood that are the same rectangular size.  Then, paint all of them blue.  After you paint the blue coat, add some strokes of black.  You don’t even need to clean the brush.  You’re just adding texture.

The Starry Night Triptych Painting

2) Clean your brush and add small white strokes to create that spiral swirl in the sky.  Then, clean your brush again, and add a mountain of yellow strokes below it.  The nice thing about Van Gogh’s Starry Night is that it’s layered and textured, so if you mess up, just add more layers!  Don’t be afraid.  Refer to the original painting as you do this.

The Starry Night Mini Triptych Painting

3) Next, add some small yellow circles to create the stars and one larger circle on the right for the moon.  Take a 5 minute break to let your painting dry for a bit.  When you come back, take your clean brush and mix a small amount of black with blue to create the darker mountains below the yellow ones.  Then, layer in some white and blue strokes on the lower right corner.

The Starry Night Mini Triptych

4)  Use black to paint the big fiery looking cypress tree and highlight with a couple orange red strokes.  It’ll end up looking brown when it mixes over the black.  Clean your brush again, and add little white rectangles at the bottom to create the town church and steeple.

Mini Starry Night Triptych Painting

5)  Go back with a small brush and outline the buildings in black.  Add more detail & shadows as you see in Van Gogh’s original.

And there you Gogh!  😉  Ha!

Mini Starry Night Triptych

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