Is another man’s treasure!  Don’t throw away anything that you could potentially use to make something new.  Take this necklace, for instance.  My sister sent it to me when I requested a few items from her for my wedding (I was upcycling personal belongings from those nearest and dearest to me to make my fabric wedding bouquet).

She was told to send me something she no longer wore, wanted, or was about to throw away.  I can see why she sent it me too.  The clasp was broken, the leather chain was starting to tear off in one area, and the pendant itself was lifting off its backing.


I knew I didn’t want to use the pendant, and I certainly didn’t have a need for the broken clasp, but there was something about the leather chain that was screaming, “USE ME! USE ME!”  So I decided to take it and roll it up into a little ball…similar to a ball of yarn.  I kept rolling and rolling and glued it along the way with a glue gun, sealing it at the very end (a little dab will do ya – that’s what I tell my students when I only want them to use a little bit of glue).



This ended up being used as the center of one the flowers on my bouquet.   Random fact: I googled “center of a flower” to try to find out what the correct term for it: pistil, disc flower, disc floret bud, among other names.  I guess what I was going for was a disc flower.  Yes, I know, random.


Bottom line, one man’s trash, or I should say one sister’s trash, is definitely another sister’s treasure!  Other things this ball of leather could have been used this for: an eye or a nose for a DIY stuffed animal, a knot clasp for a bracelet or necklace, the charm for a book marker or cell phone…the sky’s the limit!  Can you think of anything else?   Do share!

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  • Love at first sight

    I love this idea. Since I probably can’t convince my husband to get married again, I will just start collecting for my daughter’s wedding bouquet. It’ll be a neat way to save everything that she loved throughout her life without saving EVERYTHING.

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