I painted these clothes pins to attach to the Wooden Christmas Tree I made this holiday season.  Originally, I used regular sized pins, but after I finished painting all of them, I realized that they were just too big for my tree.

So, I went to Michaels to buy smaller ones.  Luckily, these are very easy to paint, so starting over didn’t really take that long, and the larger pins didn’t go to waste.  I ended up giving them to my sister to use.

To make your own polka dotted pins, all you need is 2 colors of paint (your choice).  One will be the base, and the other will be the polka dot.  Simply paint the base, let it dry, and use the wooden end of the brush to make the dots.  That’s it!
Polka Dot Clothes Pins Polka Dotted Clothes Pins Hand Painted Polka Dotted Clothes Pins

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