I made it a goal to finally grow things in my garden this summer, and it happened!  The first thing I did was ask my husband to go pick out seeds with me.  We grabbed our favorite herbs and veggies, and we totally scored! The packets advertised as 4 for $1.00, which is already an awesome deal, but for whatever reason, they rang up at 10 cents each, and I wasn’t about to question that!  Woohoo! Score!

Once we got the seeds, I decided to make garden markers because I didn’t want to forget where I planted everything.  I already had all the materials I needed, so this was an easy project!

All you need are: popsicle sticks, a fine-tip Sharpie, and a glue gun.
DIY Popsicle Stick Garden Markers


1) Cut the popsicle sticks in half with scissors. Then, cut each corner of the straight end to form an arrow. I ended up using two arrows facing opposite directions per marker. Cut as many as you need.Popsicle Stick Garden Labels

2) Write the name of each plant on the arrows.DIY Popsicle Stick Garden Markers

3) Pair up the plants you want to grow next to each other. Use a glue gun to attach the 2 arrows to one uncut popsicle stick.DIY Popsicle Stick Garden Markers Popsicle Stick Garden Markers

4) Plant the seeds and push the popsicle stick down into the soil.DIY Garden Markers

Here they are in my garden.  Darn roly poly’s keep eating our basil!Popsicle Stick Garden Markers

The mints are doing really well though!  Mojitos, anyone?

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