My husband was randomly out and about one day when he came across this electrical wire reel/spool by a dumpster.  He thought it would be a cool piece for our yard, so naturally, he hoarded it.  He knew it would make me happy, and indeed, it did!

When he took it, his plan was to refurbish it and use it as a table.  Originally, he painted the top expresso brown to match our fencing, but there was something about it that was just not right.  Since we still had some colorful paint from previous projects, I suggested painting the planks different colors, and the hubs was immediately on board!IMG_9704

Here it is with the expresso brown paint.  It blended in too much with our fencing (which my hubs also did himself).  Refurbished Electrical Wire Spool

And that’s when we decided to use our leftover paint and make it all colorful!Refurbished Colorful Electrical Wire Spool Table

After he painted it, he went over the top with a sander to give it that rustic distressed look, dusted it off, and brushed it with a clear coat of sealing paint.  Here’s how it looked before he sanded it.  I actually like it either way, so if you don’t have an electrical sander, I’d say leave it as is!Colorful Electric Wire Spool Table

The dark grains of wood you see are from the expresso brown paint, a blessing in disguise!Refurbished Electrical Wire Reel TableRefurbished Electric Wire Spool Table

I absolutely love it, don’t you?

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