This DIY mailbox makeover was the best thing we did for our old, beat-up box!  It was so bleh before, and now I love it!  I can’t take credit for it though.  It was my handy husband’s idea, and I was all for it!

His idea was to make it look like a USPS dropbox, using our country’s colors: red, white, and blue.  God Bless the USA!  And the greatest thing is that my hubs already had leftover spray paint from another one of his projects, so it didn’t cost us anything!Mail Box Makeover Spray Paint


Take the mailbox off the post.  There should be screws on the bottom of each side.  Wash the mailbox with vinegar and water.

Remove the flag from the box.  This was tricky.  My husband had to force it out because he had difficulty removing the plastic nut.  To put it back on, he had to break off 2 of the 3 prongs and secure it with a metal pin.Spray Painted Mailbox Makeover

Put each piece in a cardboard box, and move it away from all objects.  This will prevent overspray.  We couldn’t remove the mount from the flag, so we had to tape it off and spray the flag red first.  Then, we let it dry, covered the flag with newspaper and sprayed the mount blue.

Spray 2 coats, and give it time to completely dry in between coats; we gave it a day.  Place it back on the post, and use a small paint brush to paint the white wording “US Mail” with exterior paint.  USPS Mailbox Makeover

My husband painted the post expresso brown to match our fence.DIY Mailbox MakeoverMailbox Makeover With Spray Paint Mailbox Makeover

Our new & improved USPS themed mailbox!  Love it!

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