Our kitchen door opens to a section of stamped concrete. I’m guessing the previous homeowners wanted to designate this area as the outdoor patio. This is where my baby daddy barbeques. He’s been wanting to stain the stamped concrete a dark color for the longest, but not on his own. He recruited me, saying he doesn’t have an artistic eye and might make the area look stupid.

How do you say no to that?  You don’t. So we worked on this project together – he was the muscle and I was the artist.

Here’s what we did.


MATERIALS (disclaimer again, I was not paid by any of the product makers or distributers – boo):

  1. Broom.
  2. Quikrete Liquid Concrete Color, purchased from http://amzn.to/2aC8yGv
  3. Quikrete Concrete & Masonry High Gloss Sealer, purchased at Home Depot. If you prefer Amazon, it’s about $10 more, but here’s the link: http://amzn.to/2b3A3h2
  4. 3 inch paint brush from the Dollar Tree. Oh yeah!
  5. Masking tape.
  6. Plastic drank cup & plastic spoon.
  7. Pitcher of H2O.
  8. Paint roller (also from Dollar Tree) & tray (we used a pink barf bucket, courtesy of the hospital after one of my C-sections).
  9. Gloves (or else your nails will look like you scratched a really dirty back).
  10. Door mat or ground cover to catch all the drip, drop, drip, drippity drops.

staining stamped concrete - materials



  1. Dry broom sweep (if you have one, using a leaf blower before sweeping is helpful).
  2. Water hose spray.
  3. Wet broom scrub. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until there’s essentially no debris.

staining stamped concrete - prep



  1. Dilute the stain to your liking. I mixed 2 heaping plastic spoons of stain + water (about 1 inch to the top of the cup).
  2. I applied a generous amount of the mix, pretty much spreading puddles with the brush. If you’re too stingy with the solution, the concrete will have brushstrokes instead of the grooves of natural rocks, & you’ll regret life.
  3. You can use masking tape for cleaner borders.
  4. Apply the seal with a paint roller. We used 2 coats.

stamped concrete patio - applying stain



stamped concrete patio - before & after staining


DADDY & THE BOYS GRILLING (while watching the TV he hooked up after cord cutting – check it out at http://thehowtoduo.com/diy/best-cord-cutting-guide-ever/):

stained stamped concrete patio - bbq area

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