Another doc and I organize/facilitate presentations that foster compassion at our clinic. This is new for the both of us, so we’re kinda learning and making it up as we go along. We basically come up with a theme, recruit panelists to tell their stories, then open the floor up to the group for discussion. We’ve only done two so far, and they’ve been pretty successful.

My partner and I wanted to get little thank you gifts for each panelist. She took care of the first presentation, where we only had one panelist. She got her a fancy journal; said it was a “good deal” because she had a coupon. It came out to be $20! Daaang, that’s pretty baller if you ask me. Especially when we will be holding more of these events, with multiple panelists throughout the year, for years to come.

Well, it was my turn to handle the thank you gifts for our last presentation, where we had 3 panelists. I’m very practical when it comes to gifts, so it had to be something useful or edible. But it also had to be something thoughtful that all 3 panelists would enjoy. And it had to be a better deal than $20 each.

So first stop was naturally the 99 Cent Only Store. I found this sweet little set of 3 galvanized flower pots for $1.99 (would’ve been sweeter if it were 99₵, but hey, $1.99’s a-ight). Anywho, I walked around the store with the pot set, thinking, “Now what to put in it…Candy? Nah, I prefer something healthy. Well, well, what do we have here? Strawberries are in season and are only 99₵ for a good-sized container! Yaasss!” And it just so happens that strawberries symbolize love, righteousness & spiritual merit. So perfect!



  1. Put crumpled up packing paper at the bottom of the pot – soaks the moisture from the strawberries & serves as a little cushion.
  2. Cut & lay out some cellophane.
  3. Pile some strawberries in there.
  4. Cut a strip of tape in half to tape the cellophane up.



  1. Tie some red yarn around the top.
  2. Make your thank you labels & tie them on with a bow.
  3. Carefully poke some holes in the cellophane to allow the strawberries to breathe.


AND TA-DAH! You’ve got yourself a gift full of thought, at little cost baby!

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