My husband knows I love everything vintage and rustic (that was the majority of our wedding decor), so when he saw this vintage wooden cheese box in the trash at a plant nursery, he immediately grabbed it for me. Love it!

When he brought it home and showed it to me, I immediately knew that I wanted to make a succulent arrangement with it!

My husband went ahead and painted it with a couple of protective clear coats to keep it from weathering or getting ruined by the moist soil. Isn’t he the sweetest? That’s why I love him!Vintage Wooden Cheese Box

Meanwhile, I went on a hunt for cheap succulents and lucked out on Craigslist! I found a home nursery nearby selling small ones for $1 each. I went a little overboard and bought 30, but I ended up giving 10 away, so the remaining 20 was perfect for my arrangement.Succulents

The first thing I did, per my husband’s suggestion, was line the box with a plastic. I just cut up a large trash bag. This further protects the box and keeps the soil from falling out of the cracks. I used Zots (double-sided sticky dots) to attach the plastic to the box.DIY Succulent Arrangement In A Wooden Box

Then, I filled the box with soil and positioned the succulents exactly where I wanted them. Succulent Arrangement In A Wooden Cheese Box

After I figured out where I wanted to plant each succulent, I removed each one out of the pot and filled the rest of the box with soil.  I picked up two bags of stones at the dollar store and placed them on top.DIY Succulent Arrangement

I love how it turned out!  My husband and I decided to place it along the side of our doorstep.  I’ve gotten lots of compliments.  This would’ve easily cost me $100 to purchase, but with my the free box my husband hoarded, it only cost me $22!  Woohoo!Succulent Arrangement In A Vintage Wooden BoxVintage Wooden Cheese Box Succulent Arrangement

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