This is a super easy and healthy chew treat for dogs.  My boys absolutely love it!  All you need are sweet potatoes or yams (I used 3), parchment paper, and a baking sheet.

Cut the sweet potatoes into centimeter thick pieces lengthwise.  Then line your baking sheet with parchment paper, and place the slices onto it.   Bake for 3 hours at 250 degrees, flipping them over half way through.  Let them cool completely, and they’re ready for your dogs!

These will last up to three weeks refrigerated, but your dog will likely finish them long before the “enjoy by” date!

Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Chews

DIY Sweet Potato Dog Chew Treats

DIY Sweet Potato Dog Treats

This is what they will look like half way through when you go to flip them.
DIY Sweet Potato Dog Chews

And this is what they should look like when they’re done.    Sweet Potato Dog Chews

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  • Tony W

    Depending on how they taste the dog and I may have to fight over these treats. LOL

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