Toothpaste isn’t just for your teeth anymore!

While Trinh is at her house getting every last bit of toothpaste from her tube, I’m at mine spreading the stuff all over the place.

Toothpaste can sometimes be found for under a dollar, so it’s an inexpensive way to make your life easier. The next time you’re out shopping, pick up an extra tube and see all the good things it can do when it’s not in your mouth.

For all the following hacks, I used non-gel toothpaste. None of that sparkly blue gel stuff. Use the kind that is white paste, any flavor you’d like.

Remove scratches from CD’s and DVD’s – Spread a thin layer of toothpaste on your scratched discs. Rinse with water and wipe off with a soft, dry cloth. Bye bye, s-s-sk-sk-sk-skipping!


Remove crayon marks from walls – After you’re done yelling at your kid, rub toothpaste on the crayon marks, rinse off with water, and dry with a cloth.

Patch up nail holes – Fill small holes in walls with a dab of toothpaste. This is a great quick fix until you decide to patch it up properly.


Clean tennis shoes – Scrub your shoes the same way you’d scrub your filthy teeth!

Polish jewelry – Put a small amount of toothpaste on an old toothbrush, moisten it with water, then lightly scrub your jewelry.


Deodorize your hands – OMG, what were you just eating?! Use toothpaste to wash your hands and eliminate that garlic, fish, and onion smell.

Defog mirrors – Apply a small amount to bathroom mirrors, then wipe it clean. Now the mirror won’t fog up after a hot shower.


Share some of your toothpaste life hacks in the comments below. We’d love to hear them!

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  • Toothpaste is better than Tussin

    Did you know you can put a dab of toothpaste (not the gel kind) on a pimple and it dries it right up. Gross but true.

    • trinh

      Nice! I’m going to have to try that on the monster I have on my forehead right now.

  • Jill

    You can use toothpaste to defog headlights! Takes some elbow grease and sweat but worth it!

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