My sibs and I put up a series of 3 clocks at my parents’ house, each representing a time zone where family members live:

1. USA Pacific Time
2. Vietnam
3. Australia

It was easy and inexpensive, turned out really cute, and is oh so helpful (no more accidental “rude-awakening” calls, because of miscalculating time zones).

If you want to stop the “rude-awakening madness” in your house, here are the simple steps to take.



  1. Clocks with removable faces. We got the $1.99 white RUSCH wall clocks at IKEA.
  2. Print-out of flags that represent your desired time zones. We only did 3 clocks, but you can do as many as you want, using country flags, or state flags, or photos of the family members that live in the time zones. The sky’s the limit!
  3. Scissors & glue.
  4. Batteries for the clocks.


HOW TO: Print It & Cut It

  1. Open the package & take the clock out, or else you can’t do anything.
  2. Print & cut out 1 flag per time zone. We experimented with 1.25 inches & 1 inch width flags. Either size would’ve worked, but we went with 1 inch. (We printed duplicates in case we mess up & cut the flags all slanted).
  3. Remove the face – Flip to the back of the clock. You’ll see 3 tabs (2 short ones on the top & 1 long one on the bottom). Press inward & upward on one of the short tabs in the back, as you grip the edge of the face in the front to pop that sucker off.

ikea time zone clocks


HOW TO: Glue It & Hang It

  1. Glue 1 flag on each clock, ever so carefully.
  2. Adjust the hands on the clock to the corresponding time zones.
  3. Snap that face back on – Start with inserting the long tab into its slot on the bottom, then press down at the top so the small tabs can click into place.
  4. Finally, put some batteries in & hang them clocks up.

international time zone clocks


Time for you to get in on this project!

time zone clocks

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