Number twuo of The How To Duo has been carrying his pins and needles around in one of those free hotel sewing kits for quite some time (so sad).  I thought to myself, that’s no way to ring in 2015!  So I woke up this morning and decided to make him a turtle pin cushion.  I call it Pinja Turtle!  Pokenardo!  Pinatello!  Needleangelo! Prickfael!  Ok, so those names are all pretty lame, but the end result of this early new years eve project was far from that!

Here are the steps to making this cute little Pinja Turtle.  It’s pretty easy, especially if you already have fabric lying around.  You can also make any type of animal or reptile you want. The sky’s the limit!

1)  Gather green fabric (I happened to have 3 shades).Pinja1

2)  Create a round ball of stuffing (I used scraps I had of quilt fabric from when Number Twuo made the Advent Calendar).Pinja3


3) Wrap the stuffing ball with the fabric you want to use as the turtle shell.  Stitch, stitch, stitch, stitch until you get it to form to the shape you’d like, and cut off the excess fabric.Pinja2          Pinja6

Pinja7          Pinja9

4) Cut out the outline of the turtle’s body and shell.Pinja11Pinja10

5)  Stitch & stuff the body.Pinja12

6)  Glue the stuffed shell onto the body with a hot glue gun, and use buttons for eyes! So cute!Pinja17

Happy new year, everyone!  Make it count!  And to Number Twuo of The How To Duo – looking forward to a year full of DIY fun in the California sun!  Bring it!

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