I saw something like this on Pinterest a long time ago and immediately pinned it.  I knew I wanted to make it someday, and since I currently have so much scrap wood (thanks to the hubs), I decided it was time.

This was a pretty easy project, and I absolutely love how it turned out!

These are the materials I used: scrap wood or wood planks (could be small pieces put together like mine, or one long solid piece), paint, screws, 18 gauge aluminum wire (sold at Home Depot), superglue, double sided mounting tape, and binder clips.

I began by putting pieces of scrap wood together like a puzzle, so I’d end up with 4 planks that were equal in length.  I numbered the back of the pieces in case they get mixed up while I paint.
DIY Wood Plank Wire Picture Display

I painted them brown, orange and teal, adding water to the paint to give it that rustic look.
DIY Wood Picture Display

After the paint dried, I glued the pieces together with superglue.  I attached a screw to each end of the planks, using measuring tape to mark the spot.  Then, I wrapped 18 gauge aluminum wire around one screw to the other.
DIY Wood Plank Picture Hanging Display
DIY Wood Plank Picture DisplayWood Plank Picture Hanging Display

I mounted each plank onto the wall with double sided hanging tape, again, using measuring tape to mark where I wanted to hang each plank.
DIY Wood Plank Wall Picture Display

Wood Plank Wall Picture Display

I absolutely love how it turned out!
Wood Plank Picture Display

Look at my beautiful Mommy in the middle.  Love her!

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