My Mom’s fried rice was the best!  She used to always make it for larger family gatherings and birthday parties, and it was always a hit!

I’m not sure if she got this recipe from someone else, or if she created it on her own, but there’s an unexpected ingredient she adds to the rice that makes it look and taste delicious!  The secret ingredient (well, it’s not a secret anymore) is KETCHUP!  Yep, ketchup.

The ketchup adds a slight sweetness to the rice, and it gives it a much more appetizing color.  Trust me.   Trust my Mom.  She’s my hero.

To make Mom’s fried rice, you will need:
2 cups of uncooked Jasmine (white) rice
4 large eggs
1 pack of KimYenJan Chinese sausage (pork & chicken blend)
1 lb bag of frozen peas and carrots
1 onion
4-6 cloves of garlic
1 tbs Olive oil
1/2 cup ketchup
Salt & pepper
Soy sauceFried Rice Ingredients

1) Cook the two cups of rice. If you have one to two day old rice, some would say that’s better. I personally like working with fresh rice more.  While the rice is cooking, rinse off the Chinese sausage (rinsing is totally optional).   Slice them into thin pieces like you would a cucumber.  As you slice the sausage, the casing might fall off since the water softened it up.  It is perfectly fine to cook/eat the casing, but if you hate the way it looks when it falls off, like I do, you can toss it.Homemade Fried Rice

2)  Use a wok or a large pan to cook the sausage on medium high heat until it is slightly browned.  A lot of grease will come out of the sausage as it cooks, so you do not need to put any oil in the pan.   Once you’re done, turn off the heat, and set the sausage aside, preferably over the rice if it’s done cooking.  Homecooked Fried Rice

3)  Turn the heat back up, and use the oil from the sausage to scramble the eggs.  Then, set the eggs aside with the sausage.Fried Rice Eggs

4)  Chop the onions, and mince the garlic.  Quickly wash the wok, and dry it.  Then, add about a tablespoon of olive oil to the pan on medium heat.   The oil should cover the entire bottom of the pan, so add more if needed.  Sautee the onions.  Let the onions soften, then add the garlic.Fried Rice OnionsFried Rice GarlicGarlic for Fried Rice

5)  Sprinkle a little bit of salt and cracked pepper over the onions and garlic.  Then, add the bag of peas and carrots.  Fried Rice Veggies

6)  Mix all the veggies together.  Turn the heat down to low (about a 3).  Then, add the sausage, eggs, and rice.  Use a spatula to fold and mix all the ingredients together.  Chinese Sausage Fried Rice

7)  Once everything has been evenly mixed, top it again with a little bit of cracked pepper.  Then, add the half cup of ketchup.  Turn the heat back up to medium high and mix it up again.  If you find that the rice is sticking too much to the pan, either add a little more olive oil, or turn down the heat.  Vietnamese Fried Rice

8)  Once the ketchup is evenly distributed, and the rice has an nice golden color, drizzle a little bit of soy sauce over the top, and you’re done!Chinese Fried Rice Fried Rice

Fried Rice

See how the ketchup makes it look so tasty?  So good!  I love you, Mommy!

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  • karrie @ Tasty Ever After

    I would have never thought that your Mom put ketchup in her fried rice but it looks fantastic! Such a pretty color too 🙂 Love the idea of adding the Chinese sausages. I could eat those by the case!! I always make fried rice whenever I have leftover roast pork, pork belly, roast duck, etc, but I’m picking up some sausages to have on hand and make fried rice whenever the craving hits! Thanks for sharing your Mom”s recipe.

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