Not sure why, but I keep on getting sick this summer.  I’ve had three colds already, and one lasted for two weeks.  Boo!  I’ve been loading up on vitamins and OJ, and that seems to help, so hopefully no more colds.  I hate them.  The worst part about being sick is that you can’t even taste your food when your nose is all stuffed up.  Makes me so mad.  Forget about feeling lousy, that’s nothing.  I just want to be able to taste my food!  Ha!

The best comfort food to have when you’re sick is porridge (cháo).  My Mom used to make it for me when I got sick as a kid.  Love her and miss her so much.

My Dad recently brought me some ginger chicken porridge when I was sick.  It sure did hit the spot.   The beef porridge is slightly heartier, but both are delicious!  If you prefer chicken, just substitute the beef with ground chicken or whole chicken breast.  Boil the chicken breast with the rice, and then shred it afterwards.

To make beef porridge, you will need:
1 cup uncooked rice
6-8 cups water (add less if you like it thick or more if you like it brothy – there’s no right or wrong).
1/2 to 1 pound ground beef
1 ginger root (about 1/4 cup julienne).
1 tsp salt
1 tsp cracked pepper
1 tsp garlic powder
chopped green onions & cilantro to top

Ginger Beef Porridge Ingredients

1) In a pot, add the rice, salt, pepper and water on high heat. Bring it to a boil. Add a couple pieces of julienne ginger to the pot for flavor. While this is cooking, prep the meat. Stir occasionally. Reduce the heat if it begins to overflow.
Homemade Beef Ginger Porridge

2) Sprinkle salt, garlic powder and cracked pepper onto the ground beef. Julienne the ginger and add it to the meat. Add one tbs of fish sauce, and mix it all together.Beef Ginger PorridgeGinger Beef Porridge

3) As the rice starts to break and get soft, drop dollops of beef into the pot. It will cook and create a nice beef flavored broth. Gently stir.Beef Porridge

4) Once the beef is cooked, turn the heat to simmer, and add a tbs of fish sauce to the pot, stirring as you go. Add more salt, pepper, and fish sauce if needed. Top with fresh cracked pepper, onions, cilantro, and a dash of fish sauce on top, and enjoy!Ginger Ground Beef PorridgeGinger Beef Porridge Homemade Ginger Beef Porridge

So  delicious and comforting!  Love you, Mommy!

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