Nothing pairs better with caramelized catfish than hot and sour soup!

As mentioned in my previous post, my Dad and I recently had a father daughter cooking session.  He came over with all the ingredients needed to make dinner, and we cooked together.  It was nice, and it was cute how he’d stop to ask if I needed to take a picture before he moved on to the next step.  Oh, the life of a blogger…

This soup has a tamarind base, so it’s deliciously sour.  We also add Tom Yum paste to give it a nice kick.  How much you add depends on how spicy you like it.  I prefer it hot, but for the sake of non-spicy eaters, we made it mild.  I encourage you to use more than what this recipe calls for.  You can always add it to individual servings instead of the entire pot.  That way, everyone can control how spicy they’d like it.

This soup seems like a lot of work, but it’s really not.  It’s all about layering the ingredients.  I’ve listed everything in order of how you’d cook/layer it.

Here’s what you need:
5-6 pieces of catfish (heads make a nice broth, so try to include at least one)
1 tbs salt (to clean the fish)
8 cups water
1 tsp salt (to cook with)
1.41 oz packet of Knorr Tamarind Soup Mix (only use half)
1 pack okra (about 15 pieces)
7 oz pack of Enoki mushrooms
3 tomatoes
4 taro stems
1 tbs sugar
6 oz bean sprouts
8 oz can sliced pineapple
1 tbs Tom Yum Paste
1 handful chopped basil

Catfish Soup Ingredients

1) Place the fish in a bowl and sprinkle the tbs of salt over it.  Clean each piece by rubbing it gently under running water.  Remove any visible blood or veins, as those parts tend to smell very fishy.  Rinse it off, and set the cleaned fish aside.
Caramelized Catfish Prep

2)  Fill a large pot with 8 cups of water and 1 tsp salt.  Place it over high heat, and bring it to a boil.  While the water is heating, wash and prep the veggies.Hot & Sour Fish Soup Veggies

Trim off the tips off the okra, and cut the larger pieces in half at an angle.  If they’re small, leave it whole.   Cut the tomatoes into quarters.  Peel the taro stems, and cut them at an angle into half inch slices.  Hot & Sour Fish Soup Vegetables

Cut the root of the Enoki mushrooms off, and split them up into smaller bundles.  Rinse off half a bag of bean sprouts.  Take a handful of basil leaves and chiffonade them.  Hot & Sour Catfish Soup Veggies

Keep an eye on the pot, once it boils, add half a pack of Tamarind Soup Mix.  Stir it up, and let it boil for another 5 minutes.  Continue prepping the vegetables.Tamarind Soup Mix

3)  After 5 minutes, add the fish to the pot, and let that sit for another 5 minutes.  Continue to prep your veggies.  Catfish Soup

4)  Now, you will add the veggies to the pot in two minute intervals.  Starting with the okra.  Then, 2 minutes later, add the mushrooms, and 2 minutes later, the tomatoes, and after another 2 minutes, the taro stems.Hot & Sour Catfish Soup Vegetables

5)  After you’ve layered the veggies, add a tbs of sugar and the can of pineapple (cut the rings in half).  Use a ladle of love to stir it all up.Hot & Sour Fish Soup Sugar

6)  Turn the heat down to simmer.  Then, add the bean sprouts and at least 1 tbs of Tom Yum paste.  Give it a gentle stir to mix it up, and turn off the heat.  Hot&Sour Fish SoupHot & Sour Tom Yum Fish Soup

Top with a tablespoon of fish sauce and basil.Hot&Sour Catfish SoupHot & Sour Fish Soup

Enjoy over rice or by itself.  Dip the fish with fish sauce and sliced chili.  Mmm!Hot & Sour Catfish Soup

I love you, Mommy (and Daddy)!

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