I can’t take credit for this recipe, nor can I say I even made it, so my apologies for not having step-by-step instructions/pictures, as we usually do.  I did, however, get the recipe from my mother-in law, who recently gave us a large tub of her homemade chicken noode soup (yum) along with a delicious heaping of what you see here, chicken & black beans (yum again)!

I wasn’t planning to blog about this since I didn’t actually make it, but when I posted a picture of it to our Instagram the other day, someone asked for the recipe, so I feel like it’s my duty as a foodie to share the recipe!  I immediately asked my mother-in-law for it, and this is what she said:

“In a Crock Pot, pour in two cans of black beans, two cans of stewed tomatoes (they come in different spices), and two chicken breasts (cubed).  Sprinkle chili powder, salt, pepper, and ground cumin.  Season it to your taste.  I added cheese and olives when I put it in the tortilla.  Cook it in crock pot on low for 6-8 hours.”

For those of you (like myself) who need exact measurements (and I’m just going off what I think based on my tastebuds), you will need: 1 teaspoon of cumin, and half a teaspoon of all the other seasonings.  I ate it by itself (carb-free), but you can make burritos with it, as my mother-in-law did.  Enjoy!

Crock Pot Chicken & Black Beans

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