My brother-in-law just turned 40.  He’s a total meat lover and is known to get his money’s worth at buffets, so when my sister decided to do a buffet-themed birthday party to celebrate this milestone, he was super excited!  She called it “Darnell’s 40-Town Buffet.” Ha! Look how awesome the 40-item menu is!

There was no way my sister could tackle 40 items on her own, so she asked family members to help. Her mother-in-law made a lot of the main items (smoked turkey legs, pulled pork, roast beef, baby back ribs, pork chops, so much)!  My only job was to make shrimp kabobs, and since I had made chicken kabobs before, I wasn’t worried…seemed simple enough.


Shrimp (4 lbs)
Zucchini (3)
Onions (3)
Olive oil
Cayenne powder
Garlic powder

The night before the party, I soaked the bamboo skewers in warm water. This cleans them, keeps them from splintering off while you thread your food, and prevents them from burning on the grill. Soaking only needs to be done about 30 minutes prior to using, but I did it overnight just so I wouldn’t forget. As the skewers soaked, I prepped the shrimp, peeling and deveining all 4 pounds.  I drizzled olive oil on the shrimp and sprinkled salt, cracked pepper, cayenne and garlic powder.  Then I popped them in the fridge and let it marinate overnight.

Shrimp Skewers

The next morning, I dried off the skewers and began to poke them through the shrimp, onions and zucchini.  I cut the zucchini into thick wedges, and used them to keep the shrimp from curling up.  It was tricky at first to get the shrimp to fit around the zucchini because I was poking it through the center of it.  I realized after a couple attempts that I needed to poke it through the top corner of the zucchini.

Shrimp Skewers



I stacked them into a Pyrex dish and took it over to the party for the birthday boy to grill (he loves doing that).


Here’s the end result! It was item #11 of 40!  The birthday boy was one happy camper!

Shrimp Skewers

Grilled Shrimp Kabobs

Check out the entire spread!  40 items all labeled in order!  We were so stuffed afterwards and had leftovers for days!




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    Yummm…sounds delish. I love grilled shrimp!

    • the how to duo

      Thanks so much for the comment! We love shrimp too… obviously! Just look at us!

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