We had a 24-Carrot Magic themed party for our little sister’s 24th birthday. We were gonna get a carrot cake, but she mentioned craving cheesecake, so it became a Cheesy 24-Carrot party. Ha!

My kids made giant carrot cards for her. We also gifted a cash money lei, in the form of an elegant 24-carrot necklace. Well, it’s probably more accurate to call it a money holder, cuz it was way too itchy & stabby to wear (except to pose for a photo). Lolll!


HOW TO make the 24 carrots:

  1. Cut 24 orange & 24 green rectangles. I folded an orange sheet of paper in half 3 times & cut along the folds to get 8 orange rectangles per page. I folded a green sheet of paper in half 4 times & cut along the folds to get 16 green rectangles per page.
  2. Curl the orange rectangle into a cone.
  3. Flatten that orange cone.
  4. Partially tuck the green rectangle into the orange cone & glue it into place.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4, 23 more times (for guaranteed arthritic hands).


HOW TO put the 24-carrot necklace together:

  1. Cut leafy frillies on the green rectangle.
  2. Punch a hole in the carrot.
  3. Loop green yarn through the holes.
  4. Use tape to close the flap in the orange carrot & secure the yarn in place.


HOW TO bring actual monetary value to the 24-carrot necklace:

  1. Select what bills you want to use, fold them up & tuck them into the carrots.
  2. Cut the yarn from its ball; or else the ball will unravel into worthless tangled yarn & you’ll be real sad.
  3. Connect the 1st & last carrots by tying the 2 yarn ends together.
  4. And boom, you’ve got yourself an elegant, itchy, stabby 24-carrot necklace.


HOW TO package the 24-carrot necklace:

  1. Stuff a planter with hoarded brown packing paper + a rim of orange streamer on top (also hoarded from a previous party).
  2. Place the 24-carrot necklace inside, and make a label using an index card & a skewer stick.
  3. Fold the index card in half & write “24 carrot necklace” on it. Break the stick to the desired height.
  4. Tape the index card onto the stick & place it into the planter.


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