My twin nephews’ birthday is coming up – it feels like we just wrapped up my twin nieces’ Frozen themed birthday party.  Isn’t that crazy?  Two sets of twins!  Such a blessing!

Since my nieces had an extra special birthday party with DIY Frozen party favors, a fun spread of Frozen themed party food, and a DIY Olaf pinata, we knew that the boys’ birthday needed to be just as special!

So as soon as the Frozen party was done, my sisters and I immediately started brainstorming ideas for the boys’ Angry Birds birthday party.  One thing I wanted to make were some Angry Birds beanbags, so Steel hooked me up with some of his felt.  He has so much, that hoarder!  Ha!

To make these beanbags, begin by creating stencil for each birds’ face on thick paper (draw it and cut it).  I always just use flyers I get in the mail for stencils.  Hold the paper stencil over the felt, and cut around it.  You will need to cut two pieces for each face for the front and back side.DIY Angry Birds Bean Bags

Next, cut out the features of the face (eyes, eyebrows, beak, etc).  I free-hand cut everything here, but you can make stencils if you want.  Use a glue gun to attach the parts.

Angry Birds Beanbags

Finally, hand stitch the front to the back with a basic running stitch, leaving an opening at the end for the stuffing.  I used a combination of scrap fabric and black beans.  Then, close it up.

DIY Angry Birds Beanbags

Angry Birds Bean Bags

The kids loved it, and the bean bags ended up being used as decor for their cake table and for an Angry Birds Life Size Game I made for the kids to play.  Killed two birds with one stone!  Get it?  Ha!  Lame.

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