When I started making the Angry Birds Bean Bags for my nephews’ birthday party, I didn’t plan on turning it into a life size game.  I originally made the bean bags to use as table decor that the kids could later keep.  But as I searched online for party ideas, I came across a bunch of life size Angry Birds games, and I knew I had to make one!

My husband suggested making a large sling shot, but we both agreed that kids and slingshots would be a recipe for disaster.  Someone’s bound to get hurt, and I didn’t want to be responsible for that.

I decided to create a tossing game instead, using the beanbags I had already made, and cardboard boxes.  I lucked out because I happened to go to a store that had just finished stocking inventory.  They had lots of empty boxes, and I helped myself.  I asked first, of course.

I made sure to grab a variety of different sized boxes and chose matching pairs for balance.  I used a glue gun to seal each box shut and wrapped them with brown Kraft Paper.  I didn’t use tape because I wanted clean edges, so I glued the Kraft Paper shut as well.  Then, I added TNT labels, a point-value card, and Minion pigs.  The Minion pigs were stickers that I stuck onto a cardboard backing.

DIY Angry Birds Life Size Game

Angry Birds Life Size Game

The wrapping of the boxes ended up taking a long time, but it was totally worth it because the kids loved it!  My little cousin didn’t want to play at first.  He said, “I’m just going to spectate.”  It was so cute and funny because it didn’t take very long for him to go from spectator to player!

Angry Birds Life Size Bean Bag Toss

If you plan on having an Angry Birds party any time soon, I definitely recommend making this game for the kids!  It was so fun!

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