For their little Cuzzie’s 6th Baymax themed birthday party, my kids wanted to give him a personalized piñata. So we worked on the project together. Unlike the Pikachu piñata I recently blogged about (, where I used construction paper, I went with tempera paint as my medium for this Big Hero 6 piñata. Painted piñatas are easier, but messier though – messier during the creation process & messier during the destruction process too (there were a lot of paint flakes).



  1. Our local Stater Bros had no Baymax piñatas. But there was a big Kung Fu Panda $9.99 piñata that had Baymax colors.
  2. The kids helped by painting over the original picture with white tempera paint. They thought it was so funny when I said, “Bye-bye Kung Fu Panda, nobody wants you here.”
  3. With a clean slate, I sketched & painted a whole new picture. Sayonara Po, hello Baymax!


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