A coworker-friend of mine is currently planning her daughter’s first birthday party.  The theme is going to be vintage Cinderella.  How cute is that?!

I love everything vintage, and since I did so many DIY burlap projects for my rustic wedding, I offered to help when my coworker showed me a picture of a burlap banner she wanted to make.  The banner spelled out the word “one”, and the “o” was in the shape of a pumpkin…perfect for her Cinderella themed birthday party!

She got this idea off Pinterest from an Etsy seller who makes tons of adorable burlap banners for photo shoots: Little Maisie.  Super cute stuff!

Running off this idea, I went to Joann’s Fabric and picked up: 1 yard of burlap, 1/2 a yard of pink textured fabric, and 2 yards of lace trim for about $11.  I ended up only using only about a third of the burlap and pink fabric. You can definitely get by with just half a yard of burlap and a foot of pink, and you’ll still have a little bit leftover.

Burlap Banner Fabric

Step 1:  Create stencils for your letters.  You can draw it like I did, or print them out using a font you like.  Cut out the letters and pin it to the fabric you want to use for your lettering.  Then, cut around the paper/fabric.  Use a sewing machine to stitch around the edge of the letters.  If you’re more confident with your sewing skills than I am, you can skip the edging, and sew the letters directly onto the burlap.  I happened to have Mod Podge and spray adhesive, so I allowed myself to cheat.

Burlap Banner

Step 2:  Create a stencil for the banner flags, and place it over the burlap to cut.  Seal the edge of the banner with Mod Podge to keep it from fraying (optional).   While the burlap is drying, iron the letters so that they’re completely flat.  Use spray adhesive or a sewing machine to attach the letters.

DIY Burlap Birhtday Banner

Step 3:  Pin the flags onto the lace trim.  Use a needle and thread to hand stitch the flags onto the lace.  A sewing machine would have been faster, but I didn’t want to risk sewing into the lace.  I did, however, use my sewing machine to create the curves on the pumpkin at the very last minute because my husband asked if it was an apple.  Can’t have that!

Pumpkin Burlap Banner

Here’s the finished product!  I hope my coworker likes it!

Burlap Birthday Banner


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