Do you want to build a snowman party favor bag? Would you like to see what Olaf would look like if you gave him a warm hug? Want to feel as special as Elsa did on her Coronation Day? The How To Duo can help!

Everyone loves the movie Frozen, so it’s no surprise that lots of kids want Elsa, Anna, and Olaf to join their birthday party.

We made a quick trip to Dollar Tree and Fresh & Easy to get everything. The party favor bags, including everything inside, cost less than $2 each! For the items that weren’t made by Disney, we made them fit into our Frozen theme by decorating them with stickers.

Each Olaf party favor bag included a Melted Olaf snack sack, a Rainbow Icicle sucker, Snowball Slush hand sanitizer, and a Frozen puzzle.

To make each Olaf Gift Bag, you will need:

1 white  paper bag
2 large Googly eyes
3 pieces of construction paper or felt (black, orange & white)

Stick the two googly eyes on to the bag. Cut out a mouth and eyebrows out of the black material, teeth and arms out of the white material, and a carrot nose out of the orange material. Draw stick arms and color them in with brown marker or crayon. It might take a few tries to get the face just right, but once you get it looking like Olaf, secure all the pieces down with glue or paste. 

Disney Frozen Themed Birthday Party Olaf Goody Bags

To make each Melted Olaf snack sack, you will need:

1 Clear bag
Twist tie
Popcorn (white cheddar or kettle corn; the whitest popcorn you can find)
2 pieces of Whoppers candy
2 pieces of honey wheat Braided Pretzel Twists
1 Cheese puff

Fill the bag with popcorn. Add the cheese puff for Olaf’s nose and the 2 Whoppers for his coal eyes. Close with a twist tie.

Olaf Popcorn Bag

To make each Rainbow Icicle sucker, you will need:

1 swirl sucker
Frozen stickers

Stick the 2 stickers to each other anywhere on the sucker. 

Disney Frozen Themed Party Lollipops

To make each Snowball Slush hand sanitizer, you will need:

1 small bottle of hand sanitizer
1 Frozen sticker

Place the sticker over the sanitizer’s label.

Disney Frozen Themed Birthday Party Favors

Some other fun things you might want to consider putting into the party favor bags are bubbles, colored pencils, gloves, or an activity book. You might not be able to find an inexpensive Frozen puzzle like the one we found, so don’t worry about it if you can’t.

You might just have to Let It Go.

Come on, you knew that one was coming!

Disney Frozen Themed Birthday Party Goody Bags

Disney Frozen Themed Birthday Party Favors

Disney Frozen Themed Birthday Party Olaf Goody Bags

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