Three years ago, a good friend of mine had her firstborn, Mason.  In a team effort, two girlfriends and I took on a DIY project and made her a set of wall letters she wanted to hang inside the nursery.  One friend picked up all the canvases, while the other picked up all the letters and painted them. I picked up the fabric to wrap the canvases and put it all together.

Fast forward three years later, my friend gave birth to her second son, Logan, and asked if we could make one for him.  Luckily, this hoarder kept all of the extra fabric and had just enough to duplicate the exact same patterns for Logan.  I always say this: HOARDING PAYS (and I will never learn my lesson).  Ha!

12×12 Canvases (7 Pack at Michaels)
Patterned Fabric (Joann Fabrics)
Wood Letters ($2 each at Michaels)
Paint (Color based on nursery them)
Mod Podge
Wood Glue


1) Paint all the letters & let it dry.  I did three coats.

2) Cut the fabric to size (about 14×14).  Then, iron out all the creases.  

3) Use a brush to apply Mod Podge directly onto the front and sides of the canvas.  Lay the fabric over the canvas, and adhere the fabric onto the front of the canvas.  

4) Flip the canvas over, and apply Mod Podge on the back of the frame.  Pat/crease the fabric so it sticks to the sides and to the frame.  

5) Fold the corners similar to what you’d do when wrapping the corners of a present.  Cut off any excess fabric on the back.

6)  Once all the fabric is adhered to canvases, remove the sticker tags from the letters, and use a brush to apply wood glue to attach the letters.  Use one hand to apply pressure to the letter on the front of the canvas and the other hand to apply pressure to the back, pushing both hands towards each other.

Let it dry, and you’re done! 

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