If you ever want to make your own personalized tea bag, this is how to do it.  You can stuff it with any flavor of tea you want, or anything else you can fit in it (a diamond ring, candy, or in our case, money).

For Father’s Day, we wanted to give our Dad money, so he can spend it on whatever he wants.  We just celebrated his birthday last week, so we were out of gift ideas. But then, we came across this cute Dad mug at the Dollar Tree, and the lights turned on in our brains. We thought it’d be cute to make little tea bags filled with money to put inside the mug, so here we are making money tea bags!

Each sibling will be making one filled with money. Our Dad’s going to be rolling in the dough!

Coffee filters (one per tea bag)
Twine (4″ per tea bag)
Money (or tea)
Paper (for the tag)
1 in circle punch (optional)

Father's Day DIY Money Tea Bag

1) Flatten out the coffee filter. Then, fold the sides to create a straight edge, and cut them off.
DIY Tea Bag

2) Fold up the money, and place it in the center of the coffee filter.  Then, fold the filter in half, from straight edge to straight edge.  Roll/fold the open edge over twice.
DIY Tea Bag Money Holder

3)  Reposition the fold by turning the coffee filter, so that the fold ends up in the middle.  This will ensure that the fold gets hidden in the end.  Now, fold the filter in half again, but this time from curved edge to curved edge.  Then, cut the curved edge, so that you have a straight line.
DIY Money Tea Bag

4) Fold the top two corners inward, like a paper airplane.  Then, fold the peak down, and staple the string to it.  The flat side of the staple should hold down the string, while the front of the tea bag will show the prongs of the staple.
DIY Tea Bag copy

DIY Tea Bag copy 2

5) Make a personalized tag for the tea bag, and you’re done!
Father's Day DIY Tea Bag Money Holder copy 2 Father's Day DIY Tea Bag Money Holder copy

We love how it turned out so cute, and we’re sure our Dad will too.

Father's Day DIY Tea Bag Money Holder

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads out there!

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