This is the easiest and most festive Fourth of July fruit salad ever (well, at least I think it is)!  It was inspired by the Ice Berries I made for my nieces’ Frozen themed birthday party over a year ago.

All you need are blueberries, strawberries, and a can of longans (any brand will do, and you can find it at most Asian supermarkets).
4th of July Fruit

Wash the berries, cut the strawberries into quarters, and drain the longans.
Fourth of July Berries
Fourth of July Longans

Mix everything in a bowl. You can serve it as is, or put it into a mason jar like I did.
Fourth of July Fruit Salad

I happened to have flag stickers I got for from The March of Dimes Mission, so I used them to make a flag topper.
Fourth of July Sticker
Fourth of July Fruit Salad Topper

Spoon the fruit into a mason jar, pin the flag topper into a piece of fruit, and enjoy!  It’s very refreshing.  If you’re having a big party, I recommend spooning the fruit into small, clear dessert cups.  You could probably get at least 20 cups filled!
4th of July Fruit Fourth of July Fruit Salad
4th of July Fruit Salad

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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