The Condors.  These are my girls.  We go way back.  There are four of us; we all went to junior high together and have remained close friends for over 20 years.  I’d take a bullet for these bees and get their names tatted on my arm, so we all bond ’til our dying days.  Totally kidding about the tattoos – I just wanted to reference my favorite Tupac song!   Ok, what the heck does this have to do with gender reveal pins?

Well, one of The Condors just recently had a baby.  Two months prior to giving birth, the other Condors and I helped plan her gender reveal baby shower.  Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, including the expecting parents, knew the gender of the baby, so everything we did was centered around this whole GUESSING theme: coral and teal decor, neutral gifts, guessing games, guessing pins, and a BIG REVEAL box filled with balloons (coral for a girl and teal for a boy).

These adorable tutu and bow tie pins were one of many DIY projects we did for her gender reveal shower.  As guests arrived and signed in, they had to pick a pin and wear their guess. Everyone loved ’em – who wouldn’t?  It did take quite a bit of time to make though (we had to do 50 of each), but it was worth it because they turned out so darn cute!  Here’s how we made them:

1) Create a stencil using card stock or any thick paper (I often use thick flyers/ads I get in the mail).  Fold the paper in half while cutting the onesie and the bow tie since they’re both symmetrical.  You can draw it if you want, or you can free hand cut it like I did.   These stencils will serve as your cutting guide later. OnesieStencil1-2 OnesieStencil2BowStencil

2)  Hand cut each onesie and bow tie.  Use the stencils as a cutting guide (just hold it over the felt and cut around it).  Don’t try to stack the felt and cut more than one at the same time because you’ll end up having to go back and clean up the edges. OnsieFelt

3)  Use a half inch circle puncher (you can purchase punchers at Michael’s), and punch out circles from any patterned paper you want.  We used leftover polka-dotted coral paper we had from making banners.  Glue them on with a glue gun. Bows&Onesies

4)  Cut out strips of tulle about 2 to 3 times the width of the onesie waistline to make tutus. Take a needle and thread and do a straight under-over stitch all the way across the top edge of the tulle.  Then pull the tulle down the thread so that it bunches. TutuStitch1 TutuStitch2 TutuStitch3

5)  Stitch the tutu onto the onesie.   I learned after messing up the first try to stick the needle through one side of the onesie waistline BEFORE you start doing the under-over stitching and bunching on the tulle.   That way, all you have to do is close it off on the other side of the onesie.  Like this (demonstrated on the stencil because I forgot to take pictures while I still had felt): TutuStitch4 TutuStitch5-3

6)  Use a glue gun to glue the center of the tutu down at the waistline (use just a tiny amount of glue). Tutus

7)  Use leftover felt scraps to cut small circles (they don’t need to be perfect since it’s going on the back).  Glue the circles over the safety pins to hold them in place.  Make sure the pins are glued so that it opens outward/away from the onesie.  BowsGenderRevealPinsBackSide

Yay, we’re done!  This was definitely not a quick DIY project; it took several craft sessions to finish – I want to say 12-15 hours total, maybe even more (we did make 50 of each though).  But look at them!  All 100 of them!  They’re so cute! GenderRevealPins

It’s definitely worth the time if you you have it.  Anything for my Condors!  Love them bees!   Bury me smilin…

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