Last week, my husband and I decided to get into the Halloween spirit by painting/making a wooden sign together with scrap wood.  He’s given me so many pieces; it’s truly every crafter’s dream!

I have to admit, my husband wasn’t excited at all when I suggested crafting/painting on a Saturday afternoon.  In fact, he declined at first and went into the garage to get some house work done.

Meanwhile, per Steel’s suggestion, I set everything up inside the house.  I laid down newspaper, got the paint, brushes and water out, and picked out the wood pieces I wanted to use.  I googled “Halloween party music,” and played that in the background.  Then, I went into the garage and asked the hubs to come inside.  After he saw the set up, he couldn’t say no.  The plan worked!  Thanks, Steel!
DIY Halloween Wooden Sign

So I told my husband to design his piece and write the word “Happy”.  He could do anything else with the background.   I did the “Halloween” and the “Boo” part.  After we finished our separate designs, we tied it together by adding some yellow to the witch’s hat on my piece and spider’s eyes on his.
Halloween Wooden Sign

I told my husband to just have fun with it; don’t worry about what it looks like.  The children’s music helped take the pressure off, and it was really just a care-free paint party. No worries about the end result, even though it turned out awesome!
Halloween Wood Sign IMG_0790

After we let the paint dry completely, my husband used a staple gun to attach the three pieces of wood to the post.  It was such an easy & fun project for us to do together!  I loved it, and he ended up enjoying it too!
Halloween Wooden Picket Sign

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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