I love upcycling.  There’s something about it that just makes my hoarding heart soar!

The snowmen were made out of an old torn scarf, and the presents and Christmas trees were made out of an old blanket (the same one Steel used to make the tree for the Monkey Advent Calendar for his Godson).  We don’t let anything go to waste!

To make your own ornaments, cut out 2 of each shape you want (a front & back side).  Use a needle & thread to sew the outer edge of the pattern, using an over-under running stitch.  Leave a small opening before you close it up to add stuffing.  We keep a bag of non-reusable scrap fabric (fabric that is too small/left over from cutting other shapes) to use as stuffing.  If you have cotton stuffing, that’s even better!  Once you’re done stuffing it, close up the stitch by tying a knot.
DIY Ornaments

Now, go back and add the details.  For the snowmen, I used a Sharpie to make the eyes and orange foam sheets to make the nose.
DIY Snowman Ornaments
Handmade Snowman Ornaments

I personalized the presents with little tags I cut out and wrote my nieces’ and nephews’ names on them.  Then, I used my dove puncher to create the red doves.Handmade Present Ornaments

And for the tree, I topped it with a button and ran red thread across it to make garland.  Aren’t they cute?  I love how they turned out.
Handmade Christmas Ornaments

For more detailed/step-by-step instructions with pictures, check out the Letter Christmas Ornaments I made last year, using the same technique.  Happy Holidays!

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