Tis the season to be giving!  But that can be challenging on a teacher’s budget (especially when you have 100 students)!  Still, I wanted to give my students something more than the typical/affordable candy cane default, so I decided to make these vouchers!  I had to cross out some names for privacy reasons, so ignore the XXXXXXX.

My students loved it, and these didn’t cost me anything but about two hours of my time, and it was well worth it!  It was simple too!  I created the voucher using a table on Microsoft Word (insert a 3×3 table and merge the cells in the middle column).


Then I typed in the description for each individual pass/voucher:

  • HOMEWORK PASS (allows you to waive one homework assignment)
  • ODD-IT (allows you to do odds on one homework assignment)
  • 50/50 LIFELINE (allows you to narrow down a multiple choice test question to two answer choices)
  • QUIZ POINT (allows you to add one point to a quiz of your choice)
  • EVEN-IT (allows you to do evens on one homework assignment)
  • JAIL PASS (allows you one extra day to complete one homework assignment without penalty)


After I created one template, I copied and pasted as many as I could fit onto one page.  I was able to fit five total, so I printed 20 sheets onto red and green paper, cut them up with a heavy duty paper cutter, and stamped and personalized each one.  I placed one on each student’s desk – couldn’t resist the candy canes!  It only cost me $6 for 120 pieces.  My students were so happy and appreciative.  Loved it!


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