In January, Steel applied for a supervisor position at his current job. I was very excited and hopeful for him, but I knew that if he were to land the gig, it would mean no more grubsmashing or blogging for him. He simply wouldn’t have the time for it.

Deep down though, I knew he’d get the job because he’s just that wonderful. Sure enough, he did, and I was then left without a partner – The How To Uno. No!

A lot went through my mind. Do I go solo? Do I find a replacement? Do I change the name of the blog? I had a really difficult time trying to figure things out. I spoke to my sister, who is a doctor, and she said I’m going through the 5 stages of grieving: DABDA.

Denial – Even though I’ve tried, I can’t Eggo.
Anger – He didn’t have to cut me off! Now he’s just some butter that I used to know.
Bargaining – Maybe Dove will lead him back?!  I’ve sack of riced so much for him.
Depression – It’s so lard to say goodbye because nothing compares tofu.
Acceptance – All I can do is wish my homie the best in that gangsta leek, and send him warm wishes, sealed with a fish.

And then, it dawned on me!  My sister is perfect for this! – Mother, Wifey, Doctor, Artist, Crafter, and Foodie!  Meet the uno that makes me the duo again, my sister, Phuong!
The How To Duo - Phuong The How To Duo -Phuong. jpg

She literally drew that caricature of Steel in less than 2 minutes.  So awesome!  Lots of exciting plans currently in motion, so stay tuned, everyone!

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  • Canaan

    That’s good stuff..
    Whomever is with you, it is sure to be a riot!
    I love the food and videos you post!
    Keep rockin!

    • the how to duo

      Thank you, Canaan! We are having so much fun making our videos! Thanks for watching! 🙂

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