The Condors. My role dogs. They all have kids.  Not only do I skip the kids’ birthdays (“I can’t go because I don’t want to”), but I also never really get them anything good for Christmas! It’s always something little. We laugh and say that the kids will probably open my gifts and shout, “Maaaaa! Look what Auntie Trinh got us this year!” as in “Oh gosh, there she goes again.” Ha!

Well, this year was no different. I still ended up giving them something small, but every gift was personalized and handmade with care! Each kid received a letter ornament (the first letter of their name), which were decorated with bubble eyes and Christmas accents.

The steps are easy. Cut out a stencil for each letter on thick paper, and use it as an outline to cut your felt (cut two pieces to make a front and a back side for each letter). Sew the two pieces together along the outer edge and leave an opening to stuff it with scrap fabric. Be sure to start your stitch at the top of the letter so you can end at the same spot. Then make a loop with the thread once you so you can hang it on a tree.


Aren’t they cute? I wrapped them up in small paper towel roll gift boxes I made.  Check out that blog as well!  I was super happy to see the kids unwrap it and hang it on their tree immediately!

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