Last year, we did a Frozen themed birthday party for my nieces’ birthday.  I was in charge of putting together the party favors and the Olaf piñata.  Everything turned out great.

This year, the girls wanted to have a Minion themed party, and I was in charge of the favors again.  My sister found a local market that sells pretty cool piñatas, so I didn’t have to do that.

I’ve been super busy with work and the house anyway, so I wouldn’t have had time to make a piñata. I went really simple on the favors this year, but it still turned out really cute, and more importantly, inexpensive!  Each favor came out to about $2 each.

The sip n’ snack canteens were only $1.49 each at the 99 Cents Store.  Another $4 was spent on 3 bags of kettle corn and a pack of clear cellophane treat bags (25 count).  Putting them together was easy.
Minion Cups 99 Cents Only Store

Place the bags into the cups and fill with popcorn.  Use the twist ties the bags come with to seal it.  Minion Party Favors

Cut the excess cellophane off the top of the bags.Minion Cup Party Favors

Remove the straw from the lid (it was too difficult to close the top otherwise), and place the straw into the cup.  Close the lid and tie a personalized thank you tag on it! Minion Party FavorMinion Party Thank You Tag
Minion Party Favors
Minion Party Favors

Happy birthday to my nieces! They’re growing up so fast!

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