I love being able to reuse things that people would normally consider trash. Call me a hoarder, but I really do get a thrill out of this.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a dig-in-your-trash type of gal.  I only save items that I actually plan to use.

One thing I started doing this year around the holidays was hoard paper towel rolls, which dubbed as small gift boxes.  A lot of people do this with empty toilet paper rolls, but I didn’t want to risk grossing anybody out, so I went with paper towels rolls instead.

These make the perfect little gift boxes!  It’s so easy too.   Start by flattening down the rolls.  Then cut them down to the size you need.  I did thirds. 

Then open it up a little, so you have enough room to fold the top and the bottom of the roll inward (to create closure). 

Crease the two outer openings to create crescent-shaped folds.


Do this to both sides, and  you’re done!  To add an extra splash of color, I took wrapping paper scraps (those leftover pieces that are too small to wrap anything with) and taped it around the box.  Then I tied a ribbon around it and attached a tag and candy cane.  \

Simply cute!

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    I used this idea of yours for gift cards & it was great!

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