This DIY project is an oldie but goodie.  I made my first set of photo props for the fabulous Ly wedding held at The W Hotel in San Francisco.  The lovebirds rented a photo booth, so I decided to make props for them.  I was being a dutiful Maid of Honor.  It was such a fun wedding!

The second set was made for Cousin Tae’s wedding.  I was her M.O.H. too.  Ha!  Cousin Tae didn’t rent a photo booth, but she did gift all the bridesmaids Polaroid cameras, and asked us to go around taking pictures of guests.  That’s when the props came into play.

Both sets only cost me $1 for a pack of foam sheets at the Dollar Tree.  I happened to already have coffee stirrers from my wedding, a glue gun, and all sorts of appliques I’ve hoarded in my craft box.  Here’s how you can make your own photo booth props!

1) Use a pencil to draw the shapes you’d like to cut out for your photo booth (glasses, hats, lips, mustaches, etc).
Photo Booth Prop Drawing

2) Outline the penciling with a black Sharpee.  Then, cut out the shape, keeping the lines you created.  If you accidentally cut some off, just go back and outline again.  Use a glue gun to attach the stick onto the back.  You can get a bag of sticks at the craft store, or just use coffee stirrers like I did.

DIY Photo Booth Props

3)  Add finishing touches and appliques to the front.  You can even make them with the foam scraps.  Have fun with it.DIY Photo PropsDIY Photo Booth PropsDIY Picture Booth Props

We had so much fun with them at the wedding.  Here are a few shots of the Condors.Photo Booth With The Condors Photo Booth The Ly Wedding Photo Booth Fun

Look how cute the props look next to the scrapbook!  Photo credit: Augie Chang Photography.  He’s such an amazing photographer!Photo Booth Scrap BookDIY Photo Booth Props

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