My cousins turned 10 last week!   Her birthday party was themed around chickens.  Their invitation headlined, “These Chicks Are Turning 10.”  I was in charge of making the party favors, so I googled “chicken party favor bags” and came across these handmade ones on Etsy.  I happened to have all of the supplies on hand, so I made them myself.  You know I’m all about DIY.

Brown or White Paper Bags
Red & Yellow Construction Paper
Black Sharpie or Googly Eyes
Glue Stick & Scissors

1) Draw and cut out a stencil of the rooster’s comb, beak, and wattle.  Trace as many as you need onto construction paper (red for the comb and wattle, yellow for the beak).  Cut out the pieces.





2) Keep the bags flat, and create a one inch fold at the top of each bag.  Fold it over twice.  Center the rooster’s comb along the fold, and glue the bottom portion of the comb onto the bag, allowing the top of the rooster’s comb to stick up.


3)  Center & glue the top half of the beak onto the bag.  The bottom of the beak should line up with the flap of the bag.  Do not glue the bottom half of the beak, so you can tuck the wattle under.  Tuck wattle underneath the bottom half of the beak, and glue it down.  Then glue the beak over it.  You can glue the wattle to the beak ahead of time, and glue it all at once if you want.  That might be easier, actually.


4) Draw eyes with a Sharpie or stick googly eyes onto the bags like I did.


5)  Fill the bags with treats, and you’re done!  

The kids at the party were curious about these bags.  Who wouldn’t be?  They’re so cute!

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