I learned how to do smudge art when I was in 6th grade.  My oldest sister taught me.  Not sure who taught her though.  It’s most commonly done with pencil, since lead smudges easier.  I like to use markers to make it colorful.

You can pretty much create any shape you want, any size you want.  I’ve done overlapping hearts, circles, and triangles before.  The circles look pretty cool, like floating bubbles.

Smudge art is pretty simple.  Just cut out the shape that you want, color around the border, and smudge with your thumb as you go.  If you’re creating a large poster with lots of overlapping, use a paper towel to do the smudging so your thumbs don’t get raw.  The border will also start to thin and tear after a few uses, so cut extra stencils if you’re covering a large surface.

Here’s the how-to video!

Smudged Hearts Valentine's Day Art

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