Last year, I made letter ornaments for The Condors’ (my closest girlfriends’) kids for Christmas.  This year, I made them personalized snowman cups filled with caramel popcorn.  I saw a lot of Sharpie cups floating around on Pinterest this holiday season, and I thought they were so cute!  Most of them were done on mugs or paper/styrofoam cups.  I wanted something a little bigger that would fit decent amount of caramel popcorn, so I went with plastic stadium style cups instead.

Here’s what I used: plastic stadium cups (3 pack for $1 at the Dollar Tree, one black & orange Sharpie, clear treat bags, and a big tin of caramel popcorn.
DIY Snowman Sharpie Treat Cups

It’s really simple.  Start from the top to the bottom to avoid smudging the ink.  Use the black Sharpie to draw the eyes.  Then, use the orange Sharpie to draw the nose.  Continue after with the mouth and name.  Bag the popcorn, tie it, and you’re done.
Snoman Sharpie Cup
DIY Snowman Sharpie Cup

It’s such a cute & easy treat for kids!
Snowman Sharpie Cups
DIY Snowman Sharpie Cups
FYI, the ink will not stay on permanently unless you seal it with a clear spray.  I wasn’t expecting the kids to save the cup, so I didn’t bother.  It’s up to you…

Happy Holidays!

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