We heart Valentine’s Day!

This little bookmark is a fun gift to give to the person in your life that loves to read.

Create a heart stencil using card stock or any thick paper. Fold the paper in half to make the shape symmetrical. It’s important that the bottom point of the heart forms a right angle so the corner pages of your book tuck into it nicely. Use the stencil to cut two hearts out of felt. Using embroidery thread, begin stitching them together just below the curve on one side of the heart. Be sure to stitch in between the two pieces of felt to hide the knot at the end of the embroidery thread. Continue until you end up on the opposite side of the heart. You’re all done!

Make a bunch of hearts and stick them in a book of poems, bookmarking all the ones that remind you of your sweetheart. Tie up the book with a red ribbon and you’ve got yourself one Valentine’s Day gift that’ll melt your bae’s heart!

If he likes it then he’s gonna put a ring on it… If he likes it then he’s gonna put a ring on it!









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